True Stories

Here’s a complete list of the wonderful people who have been willing to share their words and experiences on Tertiary. There’s a huge range of backgrounds and life patterns here – I hope they speak to and encourage you.

Coming Soon

Debbie: To Live Elsewhere – A missionary kid born to American parents and raised in Nigeria, Debbie shares about her painful experiences of separation, and of coming to terms with life on the move.

Stories Index

Claire: Living with Borders A Diplomat’s daughter now raising her own TCKs, Claire shares how her life between the Philippines, Singapore, USA and Australia shaped her identity and concept of home.

Eleanor: Fluently American, adopted from China as a baby. Eleanor shares her personal journey to connect with her heritage and identity through language study and travelling back to Asia as a student.

Eloise: Finding my Feet A student from England, Eloise wrestles with culture shock and shares how her year in France challenged her and built her confidence.

Hannah: TCKs and the Arts A Third Culture Kid who grew up between the USA and Ghana, and why she founded a TCK Art website.

Jude: Human Amongst Robots Brazilian-born and Italian-raised, Jude moved to England for a new experience. Little did he know that the culture shock would leave him depressed and isolated – he shares more of his story and poetry here.

Kirstie: The Perils of Change An extensively travelled English writer, Kirstie’s poem deals with the stress and anxiety that can be brought on by change.

Maurizzio: Studying Abroad A Peruvian History professor who has studied both in the USA and the UK shares his top tips for surviving foreign education systems, and spending your time abroad wisely.

Piroska: First Days in Vancouver A Swiss-Hungarian grandmother uses poetry to describe the first time she set foot in Canada as a child.

Samantha: Where I Belong Although she was born in Hong Kong, Samantha’s international schooling meant that English quickly became her dominant language. Now that she lives in the Scotland, she reflects on her identity and how she deals with the feeling of being ‘not quite local’ in either country.

Stephen: TCK Care A USA-born Third Culture Kid who grew up in the Nigerian bush, Stephen shares why he values his TCK experience, and why he started a TCK Care podcast.

Zoƫ: Homebird A British-born Missionary Kid who grew up on board a ship shares about the gift of family when nothing else is stable.


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